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​​From Our Family To your Facility we treat you  and your facility as our number one priority. Whether its how we pay attention to detail or are sensitive to your work environment.

 We Specialize in Fire pumps,
Preaction, Deluge and Foam Systems!

What sets us apart from other fire protection companies is our loyalty to you and your company. The bottom line isn't what motivates us, it's the long term relationships that we work towards.

​Cross Fire
Protection LLC

ROC: C16 301655

​​Cross Fire Protection was started due to an increased need of qualified technicians that are able to rebuild, test and maintain the valley's fire pumps and specialty wet systems.
Our goal is to maintain your equipment to the best quality that can be provided while training you and your staff on your equipment so you can be confident in your facility. We want to make sure that you feel like part of our family and you are comfortable asking us any questions that you may have about your equipment and know that you are getting the correct answers and you understand what we are talking about.

Call Now!  480-450-0690

​​I've found over the last 21 years  that if the customer is comfortable with our abilities then they are also comfortible and confident in their equipment. We strive to keep our team trained on the latest and most advanced testing procedures and use the most reliable test equipment possible. 

NICET Certified, Reliable and skilled Technicians 

We pride ourselves in solving the difficult issues.

We use all the latest equipment

We work closely with several of the manufacturers to make sure that the test equipment is working properly in the field. We share data with the manufacturer in order to keep them informed of any issues or variables that may come up in the field that they can't simulate at their factory.
As an owner I feel that if I expect my technicians to be certified then I should be also. That is why I hold NICET levels in both fire alarm and sprinkler systems. I've been factory trained on Flame detection, Fire Alarm Panels, Controllers and Foam Systems.
Whether its a  jockey pump cycling on and off to a Protecto Wire system showing faults on the field circuits, we will solve your fire issues.
We are the ones that customers and other fire companies call to solve the issues that their providers can't solve.